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Varosha abandoned cars
Published 22/05/2010 @ 02:49:37, By Gomsel
Awesome to see many Toyota's in this dealer of the abandoned Varosha city in Cyprus:

Famagusta developed to the south of the old town, in the area of the relatively new town of Varosha, with its long beach backed by modern hotels.Today Varosha is no more than an empty ghost town. It lies in a UN zone between the Republic of Cyprus and the occupied areas, and is presently occupied by the Turkish Army. As the occupants fled from the fighting of the Turkish invasion, Varosha remained empty as it became part of an eery no-mans-land between makeshift borderlines. Washed clothes were left drying on washing lines - electric lights were left burning for years until the bulbs finally failed. Varosha remains a bargaining counter - a symbol of the madness and the tragedy of those awful summer days of 1974

More info:

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