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Reckless 1935
Published 12/07/2015 @ 13:19:07, By Max_Power
This is in reference to the 1935 film Reckless. You seem to have a listing for a movie of the same name for the correct year.

I'm not sure if this is the correct movie because it's listed a a short film, whereas the one I'm thinking of is a pretty average runtime of 102 minutes. Here is the imdb listing:

It has decent stars Jean Harlow, William Powell and a prepubescent Mickle Rooney. Most of all though, it has some real beautiful 1930s cars. The one character is a millionaire playboy with a gorgeous Cadillac convertible, not to mention the high society friends with their own high end vehicles. So if the current imcdb listing is the correct movie they missed adding some breathtaking sheet metal.
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