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Un petit grain de Sable
Published 11/08/2015 @ 09:43:11, By Baube
My brain had nothing to do last night so it brought me the memory of 2 strange Mercury Sable

First one : 1988 Mercury Sable convertible

Not exactly being made by Ford , as it was done by another company but was based on the Sable . Full story here :

The second one : 1993-1994 Mercury Sable AIV

story here :

This one was fully planned by Ford, unlike the first one. Where the mystery begins is that some websites are saying that only a few of the 40 Sable AIV made were powered by the 3.2L V6 SHO engine while some others stated that all of them were having it. Same for their fate as some websites are saying that all of them were crushed and none of them were available to road use. For my part , back in the mid 90's , i read somewhere in one of my magazines that Ford kept 20 of them for their own fun and released 20 of them to the canadian public. What haunts me is : if they were all crushed, what is this one then ?
If its a regular Sable with cosmetic changes to make it look like a AIV, its sure well done
Does someone knows something about this ?
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