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I'm trying very hard not to bend your catagories too much.

1) Lancia Delta S4 Stradale. Wait, Italians don't know how to make heaters. Damn. Okay, Dmitri Parfjenov T-98 Combat. Russians know how to make heaters!
2) Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV in neon green. I was going to make this #5.
3) LSIS (Lotus Seven inspired Sportscar) with a Nissan SR20DET. I could pick any number of race cars, but the reality is that I'd probably kill myself in a few laps.
4) This is the hardest one to follow; I don't have kids, and if I did, they could take the bus. Uh... Nissan Skyline GT-R 4 door (R33, Autech did the sedan.)
5) Lexus LS600h L: It may be a hybrid; but it's also an immense, absurd slab of technological whizzbangery. And that's something I can be smug about. Really, it's obvious I'm not green, I have seven cars.
6) Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance: I'm a cranky old man: my car weighs two tons and is made of cast iron, I can't see nothin' and I have the reaction time of a tectonic plate. Outta my damn way all you 2050s plasticmobiles.
7) Chevrolet Suburban: It's only 32,000 pounds, so I'll send it to these guys and not take it back until it's nicer then my house.
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