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On that trip I've seen, that my big, far away dream will not be possible - to drive with my K 70 acreoss the USA (from Chicago and then along the Historic Route 66 to San Diego and then the No.1 up to San Francisco. :sad:

Because the North american fuel is not good enough. My K 70 needs 96,5 octane, so I use the 98-octane "Super plus" (not this extreme overpriced "Optimax", "Ultimate" etc. with 100 octane). When you adjust the ignition a bit, I can take the 95-octane "Eurosuper" (the 91'-fuel, the former "Normal" disappeared in the EU a few years ago), but then the engine runs not that good any more.

In Canada and the USA you only can get fuel with 87, 89 or 91 octane, at some large stations in bigger towns their "Ultimate" - with lousy 94 octane. :mmmfff:

Sorry, but I cannot remember, that in Western Europe after WWII we ever had fuel with less than 91 octane. I only remember some warnings for 87-octane-fuel in 1970ies guidebooks for travelling to the far countryside of Poland.

You know the US and Canada use a different octane rating than Europe, right? 87 here is equivalent to about 91 in Europe. Maybe your dream is still possible :smile:
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