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night cub
I started this thread and never followed up with it. But I have been researching most of the Japanese (and one Korean) models that were built in US or Canadian plants. People are still listing things like the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla as "Made in the USA" despite the fact that they are made in both the US and Canada (as well as Japan). Other models, like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry are mainly made in US plants, but also include Japanese imports.

I'll do one post per model, and since I started with the Camry, and never completed it, I'll start there.

Toyota Camry

All Camrys from it's start until the 1988 model year were made in Japan.

In 1988, they opened the Kentucky plant for the 1989 model year. From 1989 model year to 2007, Toyota reported importing Camrys from Japan (anywhere between 20,766 to 134,467 during those years). The US-built cars outsold the Japan-built ones by about a 3.46:1 ratio.

In 2007, Toyota leased space at the underused Subaru plant in Indiana, and the imported cars from Japan dramatically decreased. For 2008-2011, imports from Japan dropped to the 1,000-9,900 range.

From 2012 on, everything is listed as domestic (US made).

Toyota started the Hybrid models in 2006, as a 2007 model. These were made in Kentucky.

So I would say that Camrys in US productions made up to 2007 should be listed as "Made for USA" as we don't know which plant made the cars. The ones made from 2008-2011 probably can have the "Made in USA" tag, as the imports dwindled. From 2012-present, Camrys are "Made in USA".
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