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Currently we have our UK Metrocabs listed as MCW (1987-89, default), Reliant (1989-91), Hooper (1991-2000) and Metrocab (2000+). I've always doubted the validity of Hooper being used as a marque (unlike the previous names Reliant and MCW they didn't really seem to use their brand on the cabs) so I did a little checking.

I found a 1995 brochure that refers to the manufacturer as "Metrocab (UK) LTD" a couple of times with Hooper seemingly being only a parent company (like VW are for so many makes but we don't call them all Volkswagens):

And the inside of a Metrocab with a sign saying "Manufactured by Metrocab (UK) LTD":

So based on this the make seems like it should be "Metrocab" as it is for the last ones built by Kamkorp.

It's not completely straightforward, there's a subtle little Hooper badge on most of the cabs (on the oval with Metrocab on it) and I also found this advert referring to the Hooper Metrocab:

At first I thought it was a time thing with them using Hooper for a time (this is an early ad as it is for the Series I Metrocab) before moving on to just Metrocab but then I noticed even this ad refers to "Metrocab (UK)" as well.

IMO, on the balance of evidence these Hooper Metrocabs ought to be named just with Metrocab as make. It's how they were (mostly as seen above) marketed and probably how they are best known by people. It would also clean up the way they are listed a bit (reducing from four makes to three). I also suspect some people get disappointed if they look up Hooper as they expect coachbuilt Rolls Royces but find fibreglass taxis assembled from what looks like a random selection of spare parts.

Anybody else got any points, contrary views based on the evidence above or new evidence they wish to contribute?

P.S: Anybody got any info on the Russian Metrocabs? Is Moscab the manufacturer or importer or just an operating company? The intriguing thing is that the Russian ones seem to be from the early 2000s (from registration checks) but the Series II style stopped a couple of years earlier here.
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