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The difference with Reliant from Hooper was that it was clearly used in branding and sometimes badging in the same way as MCW was:

In comparison, going over the later Metrocab brochure there is no reference to Hooper other than the page posted above saying Metrocab (UK) LTD was a member of the Hooper group of companies. It's not that the Hooper period was a short or inconsequential one, just that it seems to be the wrong name for it and that these ones should have Metrocab as make.

All the Reliants (save for: which could just as easily be an MCW) are also confirmed, solid identifications by plate info or badging which I think supports their retention. The few errors I have spotted are with ones listed as MCW and Hooper but I still have more checking to do and I think it's worth sorting the naming convention before getting on to the cleaning (and anyway, like with the Reliants, all of the Hoopers with years - by either plate or visible details - are already rock solid IDs).

So I'm arguing for a) but with Metrocab (already used for the Kamkorp ones) replacing Hooper per the brochure and then a little bit of b).
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