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night cub
The first show of the year for me, was a small one held at a classic car dealership. It wasn't bad weather for the end of March (it was warmer that day then it is here today)

Outside (the actual show):

Yellow Nomad: IMG_1276

Couple Chargers, neither in General Lee garb, which is nice: IMG_1294 IMG_1331

Couple old Ford pickups, green one matches the one in the 1973 brochure: IMG_1279 IMG_1301

Some early Camaros: IMG_1316 IMG_1333 IMG_1272

1961 Impala convertible: IMG_1343

Some older Mustangs: IMG_1273b IMG_1666

Duster: IMG_1282

1937 Ford and Chevy: IMG_1280 IMG_1281

Slick black Galaxie: IMG_1284

And a couple of Cutlasses: IMG_1310 IMG_1661

Full Album:
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