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night cub
Some of the more interesting cars on the inside (the dealership cars):

We'll start with my favorite one, a 1961 Corvair 700 Lakewood wagon: IMG_1379

1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Brougham, another oddball car that I like even though they are universally hated: IMG_1479

1964 Rambler American convertible: IMG_1485

1972 Mercury Marquis Brougham coupe, it's sold already: IMG_1363

1956 New Yoker next to a 1960 Olds Super 88 IMG_1455b

Couple of 50s Fairlanes in Easter colors: IMG_1527b

School bus colored 1971 MG B-GT: IMG_1619b

1989 Alfa Spider Quadrifoglio: IMG_1351

1971 Trans Am: IMG_1558

A whole row of Cobra replicas: IMG_1559b

I'm not usually into mods, but there was something futuristic about this 1942 Chevy AK: IMG_1467

A couple Plymouths, a 1968 GTX and a 1973 Duster 340: IMG_1538b

1969 Cougar convertible: IMG_1566

1972 Olds 442 convertible: IMG_1577

1975 Avanti II: IMG_1599

More pics here:
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