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interesting idea ( even if its really hard to stick to one car per category...

snowy winter : an orange Subaru Crosstrek , with some park time in the summer so it can make new friends.. :grin:

hot summer : anything with T-Top or Targa roof would do the job

track car : Porsche 959 ( but don't expect any record time, its way too rare to risk damaging it for chopping a few tenth of seconds on a lap )

well.. i don't have kids.. lets say Ford Excursion . When you scream in a vehicle and the echo answers you back, there should be enough place for the kids...

( but not turning down a wagon, a ' SHO ' one would be nice )

green car :
what ? they said a green car, no ? :grin:
ok.. since the EV1 goes unplugged and Prius, as well as Tesla are forbidden, Fisker Karma
or BMW i8

car when i'm 75 yo ( has to be under 25K ) : i'll be 75 in 2052, something interesting might pop up in the next 30 years, the list criteria doesn't specify if it has to be a new car

chauffered car ( has to be over 75K ) : an hearse, but i'll be chauffered only once.. :grin:
ok.. Lexus LS 460 but just because i don't know what to choose, having someone who drives for me and open my door like i wasn't able to do it is just not my style..

other interesting one is this one but having 100 cars on the list is not a big deal, its stopping at 100 that makes it so hard to do :lol:
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