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night cub
Honda CR-V

Honda made all CR-V from 1997-2006 in Japan.

In September 2006, production started in East Liberty Ohio for the 2007 model year. From 2007-2012, Honda continued to sell both US and Japan-made CR-Vs in the US. 2007-2008 were mainly Japan-made, 2009-2012 mainly US-made. They started production in Ontario in 2012. By 2013, they stopped Japan imports, and all 2013+ are made in either Ohio or Ontario. Honda does not provide a breakdown.

Honda also sold UK-made CR-Vs from 2002-2006 and Mexican-made CR-Vs from 2008-present.

So without a VIN, you can't really tell where individual CR-Vs are made.

So updating the CR-V for the latest generation [RW]:

Checking 2017-2019 VINs on salvage vehicles at, I have found Ohio-made CRVs (VIN starts with 5), Indiana-made CRVs (VIN starts with 7), Japanesse-made CRVs (VIN starts with J) and Onatrio-made CRVs (VIN starts with 2).

Sample VINs:

So this generation is another one where "Built in" cannot be determined on US models, so that should be left blank.
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