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night cub
Along with Radwood was the 24 Hours of Lemons. Most of what is raced are small cars/sport sedans from the 90s-00s. Here are some of the unusual things seen on the racetrack (Some I am saving for the infield pics):

So someone took two Pacers and made a fishbowl, then placed that body on top of a Toyota MR2, resulting in the most unusual thing seen: IMG_4091c

A Volvo Bertone coupe: IMG_4093b

Someone wanted to race their inner Blues Brother with a 1974 Dodge Monaco: IMG_4062

How about a Buick/Opel by Isuzu coupe: IMG_4110

AMC Javelin: IMG_4092

A Merkur XR4Ti: IMG_4254

And an Audi Coupe GT: IMG_4044

Full racetrack album:
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