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night cub
ingo - That's a shame. Hopefully they can re-schedule when things quiet down.

eLMer - I don't think anyone on this side of the pond has ever heard of that film, so I doubt that was inspiration. The Pacer always had the nickname of the "fishbowl", so I think they wanted to create one. But that film does look interesting.

Now for the infield race cars. One of the cool things about this double-show was that everyone was allowed to cross the bridge and wander around the infield, so you could see the cars up close and watch the teams frantically trying to get the cars running. So my 5 picks are:

A Sunbeam Rapier Convertible. Apparently the floors were completely rotted so the team put the body on top of a Pinto chassis, so it was a Pinto wearing the Sunbeam body. Either way a truly unusual sight: IMG_4202

One team ran a Peugeot 405 MI-16, which was Peugeot's last model sent to the States, another rare sight: IMG_4201

I found a Datsun 510 sedan hiding away, it didn't run in the race, I think a backup car: IMG_4155

A team raced a Toyota Cressida from the 1980s: IMG_4174

Another unusual car that wasn't running was this Nissan Axxess. The team desperately tried to get it running but it wouldn't work: IMG_4152

Overall, it was really interesting to get up close and see the teams in action.

Full album here:
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