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1- The last one, which you want to be used as reference, has a 2017 plate number. If you got other info about the van, these are potentially illegal data. Should we use them?
2- How can you be sure that all the other vans are the same than this "2008" one? From what is visible, this one seems to have another SIV plate number, and this one has a FNI plate number...
3- What means "35C12"? If you don't know, how can you be sure that this code applies to the other vans?

1- This means that the vehicle was registered in 2017, but not the year of the vehicle. :wink:

2-I am sure that it's the same vehicle because it's a rental vehicle for the cinema of "Casting Automobile". JPG JPG JPG
It's recognizable because it's shorter than the real Iveco Gendarmerie. rmerie_nationale.JPG

3- "35C12" is related to the PTAC.

In April 2019, it was just a TV movie aired as the pilot of a possible TV-Series. The decision to turn it into a real TV series was taken only some weeks later. So if changes have to be made, the "Puzzle" part should be deleted from the title and the concerned vehicles should be set as "1.00"... as shown in the WP table :smile:
What would be the best? Should we keep it as a separate TV movie page, or should we transform it as TV series page (the 2 first episodes have been aired yesterday evening)?

We might as well put everything together in a series, and for the pilot episode, we might as well put "Pilot" in the episode number as this has already been done.
The first two episodes were broadcast and I’ve already done the vehicles. :clindoeil:
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