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1- This means that the vehicle was registered in 2017, but not the year of the vehicle. :wink: [...]

I'm aware of this kind of situation. It occurs (or will occur) to all pre-2009 vehicles switching to the SIV registration system. But that doesn't wipe out the problem of using potentially illegal data in the IMCDb...

2-I am sure that it's the same vehicle because it's a rental vehicle for the cinema of "Casting Automobile". [...]

Same question as before: how can you be sure that it's the same, all the more as at least 3 of them have a different plate number? "Looking alike" doesn't mean being the same...

It's recognizable because it's shorter than the real Iveco Gendarmerie.

Casting Automobile's Daily is an L2. But the first van you link to is just showing its front face (besides the fact that it has a different SIV number). How can you estimate the length of this van?

3- "35C12" is related to the PTAC.

Only the 1st part: as not explained in the linked documents, "35" means indeed a 3.5 t GVWR, while "29" is used for... 3.2 t models and "50" for 5.2 t ones. The "C" (there are 35S models) and the "12" (35C10, 35C10 and 35C18 also exist) remain unclear for me...
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