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Yeah, it's the cheapest (new, but honestly also used) thing that's not a moving coffin (that's what the Pride is 'nicknamed') on the market, they even made a facelift for it a few years ago. Fortunately they will be removing it from production this year too. Now probably the Samand and Tiba will take their place to be produced for the next 10 years with this international situation ....

If you want a new one, today it'll cost you around 5500 dollars for the GLX, the cheapest one :whistle:

But the price is not all - masses of taxes have to be added, when you want to export it.

I know an English guy, who loves unknown freaky cars. He was so crazy to buy a Paykan Pickup in Iran and bring it to England.
He had to pay over 10.000 $ taxes and charges in Iran, and it took four days(!) :eek: at the border station to Turkey, until all paperwork was o.k. (and of course paid)

Totally unthinkable for us EU-Europeans
- since 27 years now we don't know such things as import taxes or charges any more.
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