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Hello everyone,

It has come up a few times lately that Honda utilized two codes for certain markets. Do we have a list of default codes to use?
For instance 1995-1997 US use [CD5] for 4 cylinder and [CE6] is V6 sedans.

Maybe a sticky could be set up for default codes so other members know OK for Europe we use [XX] and US we use [YY]?

I know the current direction is to use the more “popular” code to default. However, the database is a mess with models all over.

I presented an idea to use both default codes like [CD/CE] if we couldn’t tell the motor. I was shot down as that could confuse people. Personally, it seemed better than defaulting because who arbitrarily determines the default code? How do we know that code sold better than the other code?

A great example is Brazil. Flex motors debuted in mid-late 2000s for Honda. They carry different codes. Without visual differences why do we default at the gasloline code for Brazil of [GD] ? Majority of Brazil models were [GE] flex motors.

If we opt to stay on the current “default” path can someone make a list of the “default” codes so the community knows or can we slowly implement [XX/YY]? I have not found any Honda that could be 3 codes.

Unless there were some Honda models with a Diesel, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, and Hybrid....then codes would not work.

Any thoughts or input?
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