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night cub

Next project, Chrysler LH cars:

All, except the first gen Dodge Intrepid, are "Built in Canada". From 1994-96, Dodge Intrepid production was added in the Newark Delaware plant, but all 2nd gen Intrepids are Canadian-built.

Chrysler Concorde: corde

Eagle Vision: &modelMatch=1&modelInclModel=on

Chrysler LHS: &modelMatch=1&modelInclModel=on

Chrysler 300M: +M&modelMatch=1&modelInclModel=on

1994+ Chrysler New Yorker: 98&makeMatch=2&make=chrysler+&modelMatch=1&model=new+yorker&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

1997+ Dodge Intrepid: 08&makeMatch=2&make=dodge&modelMatch=1&model=intrepid&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

(I don't think the concept or NASCAR versions were, but I can undo those manually, if they are included in the mass change)

The first generation 1993-96 Intrepids should be left blank (it's about 50/50 blank/Canada now). The only ones we can be positive about are verified 1993 and 1997. But we should probably have a discussion first before changing all of them.

Apparently, somebody went and added "Made in Canada for all first generation Dodge Intrepids. So now they need to be undone. 96&makeMatch=2&make=dodge&modelMatch=1&model=intrepid&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

And I did find a Concorde with a US-made VIN, so those need to be undone too: 96&makeMatch=2&make=chrysler&modelMatch=1&model=concorde&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=- on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

Here's a link to that page that I put those samples on, just for reference:
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