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So... no "Dino" on the 11 Ferrari 246 F1 cars as they were simply known as... 246 F1's. Ferrari have to say this on the matter:

Also all 10 "F139" coded 599 GTB's should be edited to no type code (imo) or F141 (if you really must add something!).
I personaly wouldn't add any type codes to Ferrari cars as they aren't really needed... Finally official designation Fiorano could be added to those who don't yet have it (or deleted from the ones who do it's largely forgotten nowadays). Finally finally, having just 3 F1 is a bit funny (F1 gearboxes were 99%+ of total produced with 30 manuals made out of about 3500-4000) -I would leave that out as well (I know it may pop up in vin checks but why bother? I would like to see a 6-speed manual id'd...

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