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night cub
From 1973-1985, the model name was "Caprice Classic".

The ones prior were just "Caprice" (the wagons, from 1966-1968 were "Caprice Wagon").

In 1986, Chevy streamlined their fullsize models. The Impala was discontinued and replaced by the base "Caprice" sedan. At that point the "Classic" became a trim rather than a separate model, along with new trims "Classic Brougham" and "Classic Brougham LS". The wagons were only available in the "Classic" trim, with an available "Estate" package (with the woodgrain siding), that had separate "Caprice Estate" badges. The plain-sided wagons wore "Caprice Classic" badges.

Right now, half of the 1986-1990 wagons are listed as "Caprice Wagon", which puts the "Classic" in the extra info, so they show up as "Caprice Wagon Classic", which is the wrong order of the words. What I am asking is to make them match the other half, which is "Caprice Classic Wagon", moving the Wagon to the extra info line so the words are in the correct order. I would leave the "Caprice Estate" wagons alone, as they wear that as a badge (unless other posters think that they should be changed as well).

Here is the brochure from 1986:
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