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1990-1993 Honda Accord
Published 03/05/2018 @ 22:51:05, By dhill_cb7
Hello all,

First post in the forums. I wanted to share information that most of you may or may not already know.

Honda produced the CB chassis for four years. Honda sold the CB in the US and Canada as a sedan(1990-1993), coupe(1990-1993) and wagon (1991–1993). The 1992-1993 differ from the 1990-1991s. The tail lights, seat belts, front bumper, headlights, corner lights, grille, hubcaps, alloys, steering wheel, badging(moved), foglights, and more.

The trim levels also changed:

1990- US trim levels: DX, LX, and EX
1991- US trim levels: DX, LX, EX and SE
1992- US trim levels: DX, LX, and EX
1993- US trim levels: DX, LX, EX, SE and 10th anniversary edition.

1990- Canada trim levels: LX, EX, and EX-R
1991- Canada trim levels: LX, EX, EX-R and SE
1992- Canada trim levels: LX, EX, and EX-R
1993- Canada trim levels: LX, EX, EX-R, and SE. (I don’t believe Canada ever received 10th anniversary).

Coupes: DX, LX, and EX (1993 only SE).
Wagons: LX and EX.
Sedans: DX, LX, EX, SE and 10th anniversary.

Canada and US trim levels are virtually the same beside the names being a bit off.

Now to the fun part of identifying the trim levels:

DX trim (canadian LX): Always received black bumpers until 1994 model year. Also DX trim always had black mirrors(1990-1993). DX trim also always had hubcaps (unless dealer order alloys were installed...very very rare). DX never had cruise control and air conditioning was a dealer installed accessory on this trim only. All DX trim had manual windors and manual doors. DX trim lacks a front valiance and a sunroof. DX trim received 14 inch steel wheels with hubcaps. Side molding was always black. Cloth interior.

LX trim (canadian EX): Always had body colored front and rear bumpers. LX trim received the same hubcaps as the DX trim. LX trim had all power accessories. Power windows and power door locks. LX trim lacks a sunroof and front lower valiance(lip).
1990 LX trim had black mirrors. 1991-1993 had body colored mirrors. (Could have dealer installed alloys...again very very rare).
LX received 14 inch steel wheels with hubcaps. Side molding was always black. Cloth interior.

EX trim (canadian EX-R): Always had 15 inch alloys. Always had body colored bumpers. Power windows and power locks. Always came with a factory installed sunroof. Always came with a front lower valiance(lip). Side molding was always black. Always had body colored mirrors(1990-1993). Cruise control and AC were standard. Cloth interior.

SE trim: always had 15 inch alloys. 1991 SE received same alloys as 1990-1991 EX...very hard to distinguish from EX trim. 1991 SE had black side molding. Always had leather interior. Had special floormats. Always had a sunroof. Always had a front lower valiance(lip).
1993 SE had body colored side molding. 1993 SE had special alloys. Everything is the same as 1991. Easier to pinpoint this model. Automatic transmission only.

10th anniversary edition trim level: 1993 only. Body colored side molding. Front lower valiance(lip). NO sunroof. 1992-1993 EX coupe rims. Automatic transmission only. Very very rare trim. This trim was a hybrid of an EX/LX.

Chassis codes(US and Canada) outside US they are different but all retain CB.
Sedan and coupe: CB7

Dealer installed accessories:

Cargo net(wagon only)
Foglights (all models and all trims)
Cruise control(DX and LX)
Air conditioning (DX)
Hood bra(all models and trims)
Full nose bra(all models and trims)
Window visors
Floor mats
Rear mudflaps (front came standard)
Spoiler (flushmount is EXTREMELY rare and is 1990-1991 only)
Gold emblem kit(very rare)
Roof rack (basket attachment is VERY rare)
Rear foglight(euro only)
Bumper pole(japan only)
Arm rest...not 1992-1993 mounted on the seat
Special 14 inch alloys (DX and LX only)
3 or 4 different radios
Rare dealer installed leather on non SE trim.

I hope I compiled enough information. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps narrow trim levels.

Latest Edition: 03/05/2018 @ 22:59:38
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1990-1993 Honda Accord
Published 04/05/2018 @ 18:42:23, By night cub
Here's a list of Worldwide Honda chassis codes:
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