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Car from Movie up for Auction
Published 08/05/2018 @ 13:57:24, By rjluna2
For the subject vehicle:
From the movie:

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Metro Section, Page B4


Car from movie up for auction

By Mitchell Northam

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could drive a Subaru WRX and cruise around Atlanta while blasting “Bellbottoms” just like Ansel Elgort?

Here’s your chance to be like the star from the Oscar-nominated 2017 movie, “Baby Driver.”

A red 2006 Subaru WRX that was used in the film will go on auction in Houston next month through the company Mecum Auctions. It’s unclear where the bidding will start, but another similar car used in the movie went for $69,100 in an auction in 2017.

Spoiler alert on a year-old movie: The listing on Mecum Auctions says the car was used in the opening bank-robbery scene, in which characters played by Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal and Eiza Gonzalez take cash from a bank, and the Baby – played by Elgort – takes police on a high-speed chase.

Baby swings the red Subaru through an alley, sliding between a van backing up and a parked trailer. The stunt was performed by Jeremy Fry.
“(Director Edgar Wright) wanted a pedestrian kind of car that would blend in but something that would also be cool,” Fry told Mecum. “Robert Nagle (the stunt coordinator) had figured the WRX was a pretty cool car that we don’t see much that might give us some options to do some cool driving with.”

For the film, this Subaru was modified by Allpro Subaru in Alpharetta.

The car features an all-wheel drive STI drivetrain swap, a CNC hydraulic handbrake, OS Giken front differential, Cusco rear limited-slip differential, CP pistons and Exedy Stage 1 clutch.

The higher bidder for the car will also receive the car’s build sheet, receipts and matched screen shots from the movie.

Baby’s getaway car has a black leather interior and is street-legal in the state of Texas. Bank robbery, however, remains illegal in all states.

To bid for the car, you’ll have to register for Mecum’s Houston auction, which begins April 5.
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Car from Movie up for Auction
Published 08/05/2018 @ 18:09:21, By Skywatcher68
Several cars, and at least one motorcycle, are going up for auction in Los Angeles next month. Among them are:

Luke Perry's Porsche from "Beverly Hills, 90210".
Mr. Bean's Mini.
Herbie from Herbie Goes Bananas.
Wayne & Garth's Pacer "Mirthmobile" with the roof removed.
D-FENS Chevette from Falling Down.
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from Terminator 2.

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