Subject: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
08/03/2008 @ 18:53:08: antp: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
I did not really know where I could post that, so I created a topic where we could post photos of unusual cars (e.g. French cars in US, US cars in Europe, etc.)

Here is a pic taken by my father today (or few days ago)

Lincolns are not very common here, and its plate is especially chosen by the owner as plates with "O" letter are normally not issued.
08/03/2008 @ 19:30:53: G-MANN: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Last year I posted a thread where I saw some "interesting" vehicles in London, including Chris Eubank's (the famous former-boxer and noted eccentric) Peterbilt truck (something you don't normally see in the UK).
08/03/2008 @ 20:24:11: Wampa-One: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
antp, just out of curiosity, what is that unusual silver structure to the left in the background that resembles a chemical molecular structure model? I suppose this is in Brussels, Belgium as well?
08/03/2008 @ 20:47:29: antp: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
It is indeed in Brussels, it is the Atomium:
08/03/2008 @ 21:40:35: CarChasesFanatic: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Great to have this thread :Dbut what kind of cars should we list here? i mean, just foreing cars? or also expensive luxury cars rarely found on the streets?
08/03/2008 @ 21:49:59: Wampa-One: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
it is the Atomium

That is interesting, you learn something new everyday.

A few months back I was on my way out of town when I saw something you don't see everyday. It caught my eye outside the St. Louis Bentley and Maserati dealership. I was excited because I had never seen an F40 in person before, so I had to make a little detour for a closer look.
08/03/2008 @ 23:06:20: chris40: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Seen in Kraków, Poland, in 1973 – quite a long way from the Drôme for a 40-year-old car!

I had to edit for the sake of accuracy - I got the department wrong :boggled:
08/03/2008 @ 23:55:06: antp: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
what kind of cars should we list here?

Photos that you judge interesting to share with others, anyway most of the topics on the forums end off-topic :grin:
09/03/2008 @ 00:17:10: CarChasesFanatic: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Ok ill add some :grin:
09/03/2008 @ 00:30:11: CarChasesFanatic: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Maserati Quattroporte from a few weeks ago :grin:

A Chrysler Saratoga, as i said precisely today on the website i like this car, and although it was sold here is not really common

And a nice Golf R32 :smile:

I have other photos like from a Cayman or a Boxster which are not precisely common neither but well, you have more chances of seing them on the street i suppose.
09/03/2008 @ 02:11:37: Neptune: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
antp, in that picture you posted with the Navigator in it – what is that silver ball structure in the very background?
09/03/2008 @ 02:19:41: CarChasesFanatic: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
:lol: read Antoine's second comment of this thread :grin:
09/03/2008 @ 02:25:08: Neptune: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Oops! Sorry, never mind then. Thanks CCF :grin:
09/03/2008 @ 08:43:14: 93_Montero: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
I was really excited a month ago when I saw a mint condition Citroen 2cv parked where I live in Indiana. There are also a couple Peugeots that I see sometimes which might interest antp. It makes me wonder who owns the 2cv because it was in much better condition than the Peugeots. I would tell you which models they were but unfortunately I know very little about them. There is one parked in front a local health food store so next time I'm over there I'll take a closer look. When I saw the 2cv I wanted to look at it longer but it's always awkward to stare at a stranger's car on a busy street. Hey, it's not my fault they have an extremely rare car here in the United States! It was very beautiful (two-toned red and white). I took a picture of it buts it's on my camera phone.
09/03/2008 @ 13:16:55: CarChasesFanatic: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Hey just Antoine?! :grin: i like european cars in america too huh :grin:
09/03/2008 @ 16:34:34: atom: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
First a pic from just three days ago, a truckload with new C30's
I took the image just outside the Pinninfarina factory in Uddevalla where they make those, so perhaps not that rare.

Anyway here is some pics from when me and a friend went to Stockholm back in Octobre.
First a Firebird (looks fast), second a Volvo Valp (not as fast), third a bunch of diplomat cars, and last a Ford Focus way to close to a Ferrari.
09/03/2008 @ 17:48:52: antp: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
On the truck that looks more like C70 than C30
09/03/2008 @ 18:32:09: atom: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
On the truck that looks more like C70 than C30

Ofc it is, I don't know why I wrote C30...
09/03/2008 @ 19:19:56: Wampa-One: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
Here is an Aston Martin Vantage that is sometimes parked near my work (they are far from common in these parts) :
These were what I considered to be the highlights of the St. Louis Auto Show in January:
And here is the most unusual thing I've seen on the roads lately, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile:
09/03/2008 @ 22:18:37: ingo: interesting/funny/special cars sightings
In 1998 I travelled with a friend, a strong NSU RO 80-freak across the Nothern part of New Zealand.
One day we made a trip to the Nature reserve of the Coromandel Peninsula, I was drivin the 1986 Honda Civic Shuttle of "Rent-a-wreck".
My friend was watching the nature. I've shocked him, when I made suddenly a hard stop and turned moviel-like the car on the side of the road and drove back with high speed on the small country-road. He was upset and was shouting "What the hell are you doing". I still was driving in rallye-style and have only said
"It was a RO 80"
"Yes, a RO 80 was coming from the other direction. You have looked to the wrong side"
"Have you taken drugs? Are you really thining, we will see a RO 80 over here, on the other side of the world?"
"Wait. You'll see it".

An indeed, finally we catched the car. It was a RO 80! The local farmer's lady has just watched he sheeps on the ground.

And she belonged to the NZ-NSU-club and the had also been to the International meeting in Neckarsulm in 1990.
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