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A few surprises: yes, Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) drove a GTO but other cars seemed to be supplied by Ford, and just about every truck in sight is an IH. No car supplier is listed in the credits.

These images come from the 1966-67 and 1967-68 television seasons if that helps with dating some of the vehicles.

ep. 2.3

1966 International Harvester B Series, two stars


1966 Pontiac GTO, three stars (Tony Nelson's car)

...and an alternate shot from ep. 2.6:


1966 Pontiac Bonneville, three stars (This is Dr. Bellows' car, he drives it in more than one episode)

Mercury Comet, one star

1967 Ford Custom, two stars

Ford Thunderbird, one star


1962 Buick (Electra?) convertible, one star

(in case anyone's interested, the car in the shadows appears to be a '64 Pontiac GTO)


Cadillac ambulance, two stars


1967 Pontiac GTO, four stars

Here's an alternate shot from ep. 2.19...It's supposed to be the same car but notice it has dog dish hubcaps instead of mag wheels. The car switches between these during the run of the show. Note Jeannie is driving it this time, we very rarely see her driving a car.

ep. 3.1

1967-8? Ford Mustang convertible, two stars


1967? Jeepster, one star

Rolls Royce, three stars


Dodge Power Wagon (M 37?), one star

Jeep, three stars

...and an alternate shot from ep. 3.20, note it has different wheels.


1962? Cadillac, one star

Volkswagen, one star

1962 Ford Falcon wagon, one star


1967? Cadillac ambulance, one star

International Harvester B-series?, one star

1967? Jeepster, three stars


1966-7? Chevy II? one star

1967 Ford Galaxie 500, one star

1964? Ford Falcon sedan delivery, one star


1960 Ford Sunliner, one star

unknown (moped or motorcycle?), two stars


1967? Buick Riviera, one star

1966 Dodge Coronet, one star

1966? Ambassador, two stars


International Harvester (Loadstar?), two stars


unknown forklift, two stars

1968 International Harvester C Series, one star


unknown vehicle, one star

1967 Ford Custom, one star

1956 Buick Century, two stars

unknown forklift (same as 3.16?), two stars


International Harvester Loadstar, one star


1968 Pontiac Bonneville, one star

1967 Ford Custom, two stars
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1966 International Havester, which makes this a B-Series.
Loadstar, naturally.

What a coincidence. We've both posted titles featuring Larry Hagman.
18/09/2009 @ 18:36:13: Ddey65: I Dream of Jeannie seasons 2 & 3
I'm thinking Dodge Power Wagon in this case:
M-37, or something else?

For this one:
I'm going to need more details than just the rear end. But it could be anywhere between a 1961 and 1968.

Here's another reminder of the numbering and lettering of I.H.C. pickups and light-duty trucks:
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1968 International Harvester:
That makes this a C-Series:
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