Subject: Vehicle regrouping needed
15/07/2011 @ 13:18:25: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
Please report here vehicles for which you notice that they should be regrouped, or whole movie/series if there are lots of vehicles concerned.
So I can do that when I have some time (or other admins who want something to keep them busy :grin: )
Like for the "Non-unidentified vehicles" thread, please only report what was obviously missed; i.e. not a vehicle added/commented only a few hours ago.

To do:
Kriminalnaya Rossiya -
14/08/2011 @ 18:57:35: rjluna2: Vehicle regrouping needed
Neon and I are working on regrouping from a TV Series: IRT: Deadliest Roads -

It would be helpful for anyone to identify those unknown and partial known vehicles on this TV Series.

I am uploading better quality picture captures from DVD that I have on my hand. Unfortunately, I am going back to the night class this week. But, I'll will try to squeeze my time to work on the better captures later on.
10/10/2011 @ 23:41:25: Neon: Vehicle regrouping needed
Some regroups needed here:
13/10/2011 @ 03:29:27: Neon: Vehicle regrouping needed
Also here:
13/10/2011 @ 22:58:24: Gomsel: Vehicle regrouping needed
Regrouping? sorry if this it's not the place... but the Camry Solara need regrouping. Different model origins in the list. a
14/10/2011 @ 00:16:04: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
that's not regrouping, that should go in another thread, like cars with wrong names
10/03/2015 @ 19:00:49: mike962: Vehicle regrouping needed
shouldn't we add vehicles too badly visible for 1 and 2 stars thread ?

1 stars deletion, 2 stars in comments
10/03/2015 @ 20:02:14: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
Why do you dig up this old thread for that? :tongue:
It depends on the case
10/03/2015 @ 20:23:33: mike962: Vehicle regrouping needed
because there are so many it would need a whole thread
10/03/2015 @ 21:00:37: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
The "badly visible" criteria is quite subjective
Those with a role (1-star can be "kind of a role" too) but really not identifiable are usually moved to comments.
Those really not worth keeping usually are deleted.
If they are reported but not deleted, it may just mean that I do not find they should be deleted :tongue:
09/09/2015 @ 16:25:14: Gamer: Vehicle regrouping needed
I've often asked for these to be either role-upgraded (look to be at least two stars) or deleted, but my comment keeps getting the latter:
09/09/2015 @ 18:59:22: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
Looks like 2-star indeed, but I haven't seen the scene, maybe there is no real role for that scooter
11/05/2019 @ 19:59:32: JB007: Vehicle regrouping needed
To group:
26/10/2019 @ 15:49:54: dhill_cb7: Vehicle regrouping needed
edit: merged :wink:
27/10/2019 @ 20:37:19: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
As you are admin, you could do it yourself :wink:
Or do you wish details on how to do it?
27/10/2019 @ 22:09:44: Baube: Vehicle regrouping needed
A little tutorial wouldn't hurt, you ( or another admin ) explained me long time ago but i can't find it back . I don't do ( or very little ) any merging because i'm a little bit unsure too :shy:
29/10/2019 @ 09:55:44: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
You have to put in the comments of one page the picture of the other.
For that, depending on the browser, you have to retrieve the image address (often in the menu appearing when right-clicking on the picture).
That image can be pasted in the second field of the "Add picture to comment" tool. Otherwise you can also save locally the picture and submit it like one of yours, but it is one more step.
Usually we keep the oldest page or the one with the highest rating as "main page", and we put in comments the additional (lower rating) ones.
If there are interesting comments you can "move" them by quoting them on the source page, copy the block in the "add comment" area, and pasting it to the comment area of the target page.
Once all useful info is on the target page, the source page can be deleted.
29/10/2019 @ 16:49:26: dhill_cb7: Vehicle regrouping needed
Thanks I didn't know how to do it :sad: sorry. I will try it next time I find one.
30/10/2019 @ 10:30:13: antp: Vehicle regrouping needed
No problem :smile:
The site's interface is not always so intuitive, and here it is more a workaround using the existing basic tools than a real built-in function :grin:
13/01/2020 @ 23:59:42: JB007: Vehicle regrouping needed
... 17