Subject: Dodge B-Series vans
11/08/2012 @ 19:34:36: night cub: Dodge B-Series vans
We need to decide on how we want to name the full-size Dodge B-Series vans from the 1970s and 80s. Right now they are listed under "B-Series", "B-###", "Tradesman", "Sportsman", "Ram Van" and "Ram Wagon", and "Kary Van".

Do we want to keep them under the numeric B-series names or change them to the worded names? Probably should make it uniform, so either Model-B-Series (or ###) and Extra Info-Tradesman (or Sportsman/Kary Van) or Model-Tradesman (Sportsman/Kary Van) and Extra Info B-Series (###).

Then there are the 1980s vans. It looks like in 1981, the vans were renamed "Ram Van" and "Ram Wagon", but still used the B-series numbers.

Right now the 1970s vans are split about 50/50 between B-series and names, and most of the 1980s seem to have the Ram Van/Wagon as the model.

For the A-series vans, most are under the A-series numbers. There are a few listed in the Sportsman group.

Thought? Suggestions?
11/08/2012 @ 19:42:20: Sandie: Dodge B-Series vans
I know absolutely nothing about Dodge vans but I'd say that wherever possible they should be listed under their proper model names with B-Series or B-350 etc as Chassis code much like a lot of the Ford Econolines and Chevy Vans are.
02/09/2012 @ 04:47:04: Ddey65: Dodge B-Series vans
Sandie's suggestion sounds best. With those where we can't see whether they have windows or not, we should just stick with the generic "B-Series" or "Ram Van" names.

For the record, there were A-Series commercial vans that had the Tradesman names too.
06/11/2020 @ 08:25:13: night cub: Dodge B-Series vans
It's been 8 years since this has been discussed, but wanted to share more info on the B-Series/Ram Vans.

Wikipedia has all of these vans as being made in Windsor, Ontario, and that information is wrong.

Allpar has two US plants making the B-Series van during the 1970s, it states that Fenton, Missouri (St Louis North) made them until 1980. I also found in the Standard Catalog of Light-Duty American Trucks a note in 1980 about production shifting to Windsor in March, 1980. I was able to confirm a bump in production in Windsor that month with Ward's Automotive Yearbook.

Allpar also lists the Warren Michigan Truck plant making these vans from 1972-77. Warren is where the A-series vans were made.

So I would say that the vans were US, possibly US or Canadian made until 1980, then definitely from 1981-end, they were all Canadian made.

How does this sound? Does anyone have any differing information? Otherwise, I will ask antp to do a mass change to all Ram Vans/Ram Wagons.
10/11/2020 @ 12:07:39: dhill_cb7: Dodge B-Series vans
Does this apply to the mini ram or was that built with the Triplets?
10/11/2020 @ 20:14:26: night cub: Dodge B-Series vans
No, they were built with the minivans
11/11/2020 @ 03:43:37: dhill_cb7: Dodge B-Series vans
I can confirm. I looked at about 6 listings with VINs per year from 1981-1985 and grabbed a random year or two from the 1990s.

All VINs pull 2 and that would indicate Canadian built. I use and then I type 1981 Dodge van in the search bar.

Like this: hUKEwip9OqHvPnsAhWNEt8KHXhHBUIQ2-cCegQIABAA& E-rX6nKOY2l_Ab4jpWQBA&bih=938&biw=1920

Just change the year and click on each image (don't open up the links as the VIN is right there on the line). Helps when you need to search VINs quickly.

However, I do not know off hand how to decipher pre-1980 VINS so I am no help there.
13/11/2020 @ 01:54:35: night cub: Dodge B-Series vans
We'll take this one for example:


Using the decoder:

B= Van
1= 1/2 ton
1= Tradesman/Dodge Van
A= GVW of 6,000-10,000 lbs
E= Engine 318 V-8, 2-valve
A= Year 1980
X= plant code - Missouri Truck

So the 7th digit is the plant code.

J/K = Canadian plants