Subject: Weird car-related dreams
18/11/2016 @ 13:40:23: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
Last night, I dreamt that I encountered factory made 1977 Chevrolet Impala pickup car. The owner was at the back of the pickup car with the plastic insert that he popped it in at the edge of the bed between the gate door. I started to look around the pickup car and seems to be wagon body style similar to what Chevrolet made in those 1959/60 Chevrolet El Camino. It has these front 2 doors each side, but it doesn’t use the longer coupe style doors. It has the unique roof styles that are similar to what these Chevrolet El Caminos. The pickup car has two tone colour paint scheme where the yellow is the majority with the metallic green partition surrounded the side. The front bonnet has an optional factory RPO S03 or something similar to that which it has outline of the circular air filter design pops out at the bonnet. It has the ‘S03’ or something decal at the middle of the circular outline on top of the bonnet. The bonnet was open and I can see clearly see the ground surrounded the engine and the firewall. It has true dual exhaust pipes out of each bank of V8 engine. Unfortunately, the front end was damaged and was replaced with 1981-85 Chevrolet Impala headlights assembly/grille/bumper from the 1977 version. As I can see the damage spacing at between the bonnet and the front fender as I see it has the original yellow paint with the metallic green paint overlay at both bonnet and the front fender. The pickup car has these 1977 hubcaps that is being used on both Impala/Chevelle series.
09/12/2016 @ 14:54:28: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
A weird car dream again, but this time it was in an acceptable level of plausibility.

The dream did not show how i died, i was simply awakened after death. The first two minutes i walked around to find anything recognizable and then i stumbled over my ex-girlfriend (we never separated for real, but there was a time i believed she is dead). She told me how she is already dead for a very long time and that she has already settled in the afterlife. She has an appartment and a car. We both walk to the car and she shows it to me with excitement.

As a car expert i am i see a pure white Seat Alhambra. The overal design with sliding doors is a current gen Alhambra, but the front is definitely from the older model. This dazzles me as the front looks unfitting to the rest of the car. I also believe that the old Alhambra was not available in white (and it had no sliding doors but in my dream i was not sure about that).

However i let that apply as this is a rule of the afterlife. God created the afterlife as a copy of the real life and god is not a car expert i figured myself. I started to get jealous of my girlfriend and said that i will buy my own car the next day. So after i slept a night at my girlfriends apartment (she lives next to my oldest brother :halalala: ) i started walking to a used car dealership. Its down a large hill under several white market tents. I find a Saab 900 Convertible and other stuff but not an american car so i leave the place unsatisfied.

Next to the used car dealership i find a motocross racetrack going over a huge hill and on the opposite site is an almost empty Europcar parking lot. The Europcar parking lot is itself a fenced in grass hill.

My dream ended and when i woke up i was totally confused. In my dreams the only family member that is shown always dead is my oldest brother. I have two brothers by the way. Does that mean something? I hope not.
02/02/2017 @ 02:31:53: Baube: Weird car-related dreams
Had a weird dream last night : i was in my car with a former co-worker when we saw a Citroen Picasso.... but it was all mixed up, having a Citroen front end and the rear was similar to a Renault Express with Picasso written in letters across the rear doors like Volvo does today . in my dream we start chasing it all over the city to get a pic but always failed to do so...

When i woke up i went to Google to see what the Picasso really look like... and discoverd it looks more like a trim level than a specific model...
02/02/2017 @ 20:08:29: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
During my latest sickness i had a short dream. I was driving as a passenger in a bus and the bus was driving on an Autobahn. Then the bus stopped at a bus stop on the Autobahn and i left the bus. The Autobahn was surrounded by high walls and i somehow got confused by it. On the site of the bus stop was a stair leading up the wall but i wanted to climb the wall on the other side. So walked over the Autobahn and stopped in the middle. There was no guard rail and the road had a layer of snow. Suddenly another bus and a truck started slipping and sliding on the snow, leaving tracks in the Snow. I run out of the way and get not hit by anyone. :kiki:
01/03/2017 @ 10:44:41: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
Lets take you on a wild ride of a dream i had last night (so pretty fresh). Be advised: If you think dreams can come true you should not read this. Otherwise you could believe i will die soon.

First i dreamt of sitting in the TGV (High Speed Train in France) going to Paris. Suddenly it got announced that the train could not brake anymore. I was sitting close to the front and could look through the front window. They told us all to move to the right side because Paris main station is lying in a sharp left corner.

Looking through the front window i saw how all other trains were diverted to other tracks and one train just managed to move out of our way in the last second. Then the train started to lean over to the right and i got pushed against the right side. The TGV derailed and crashed. I got out with what seems to be no injuries. I immediately posted on Whatsapp to my family that i was involved in a train accident and that i am okay.

Then i opened a thread on IMCDb Forum (serious shit!) titled "[27/02/2017] Train Derailment Paris", uploaded some pictures of it and told the story to you.

So why is this a car-related dream? Because it goes on in the most horrible way imaginable. On the same Day: Somehow i decided to continue my journey by bus instead of train now. As we were riding on a Autobahn we came into a construction site with only one lane of traffic open. I can see very well through the front window. Suddenly i see that some vehicles ahead of us a truck makes a hard braking. Everyone tries to stop but the bus driver keeps driving without stopping. I want to scream "Stop!" but strangely i dont do it. The Bus pushes several cars ahead of him into the stopped truck and we finally come to a stop.

I get out of the bus, again strangely with no injuries (or at least no pain). Now i rush out to provide first aid. At first i arrive at a blue car occupied by an older couple. They say they are okay and so i continue. Then i reach a woman, who is already out of her car. She is leaning against the middle guard rail, dismembered and in a big puddle of blood. Every part of her body down from her hip is gone and thank god i didnt start searching... The woman sarcastically remarks to my question if i can help her: "Last week i had hip pain. Now my hip pain is gone. Because i dont have any hip anymore." An evilish laugh from the woman follows. I stay in shock but another man pulls me away from her so i continue along the row of injured people.

So after my first aid is done i decide to take some pictures for the IMCDb forum. I walk to the front end of the crash site and take several pictures. A group of three double decker busses stand there. One older double decker got spun around while the other two have front damage. Then there is a crashed and mangled emergency vehicle crushed between one bus and a truck. The emergency lighting is still activated.

After seeing this i walk up a nearby hill to make an overal shot. At this time the first ambulance has arrived. I open the existing thread on IMCDb Forum on my mobile phone and add the photos i have taken in the forum. Under the photos i write: "I got evolved in a multiple car accident. It happened on the same day as my train derailment. At the moment i dont know the cause of the accident but i believe a bus driver got panicked by the lights and sirens of an emergency vehicle and made a hard braking. The following two bus drivers were so surprised that they crashed into the other bus, leading to the accident."

Crazy stuff. Really crazy stuff. Thank god i did not have a plane accident on the same day in my dream.
01/03/2017 @ 13:59:50: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
I had a dream some time ago that I was riding the train that is running out of control. It has been derailed and smashing some cars along the ride. Then, it went to the highway still out of control. Strangely, the people in the train seems very calm and doing normal things (I have experienced with MARTA train not moving between stops for a while). At the end of the wild ride at the highway near the underpass bridge, the train finally stop without any mess. We finally got out of the train without any injuries and/or panic.
12/04/2017 @ 04:14:48: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
This time no big story because i forgot almost the entire plot. I only remember that my family and i had to drive vry fast to a marriage to stop it. We already drove in different cars, someone even in an american school bus.

The most interesting one was a moment where one family member in a blue Audi RS4 overtook a silver Audi RS4 B7 with blacked rear lights. The blue one is actually the same car one man has who is living in the same street as i. :whistle:
17/06/2017 @ 20:57:08: Ddey65: Weird car-related dreams
A couple of other recurring ones, and both involve my parent's old '71 Ford F-250.

My father would drive me down the road, and decide he wants to put me behind the wheel, despite the fact that I'm way too young to drive anything, let alone a 3/4 ton pickup, modified to handle a camper. Well, my first set of dreams, I end up crashing it right away. Within time more of those dreams have me being better able to handle the truck.

Another batch of dreams where dad is driving me and either one or both of my brothers out to eastern Brookhaven Township (west of the Hamptons, for those who aren't familiar with Long Island). Suddenly we end up in some big, flat sand mining field, passing a couple of old Mack B-Series trucks (one of which is construction specific), and running under a high railroad bridge. There are no high railroad bridges in that part of Long Island.

I had other car and truck related dreams too, but I'm not ready to mention them right now.
17/07/2017 @ 13:23:20: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
Last night, I dreamt that I defected to China. I befriended with a Chinese man who owns junkyard. He has his vintage Chinese made pick up truck with extra cab body style. He has a quite a few vintage American made cars such as I spotted 1968 Ford full size (I only saw the rear of the car). Then, suddenly, I am by the street watching Chinese soldier teaching us about the hairstyle required by their government. I realized that my hairstyle doesn't conform their requirement. I tried to fix the best I could and all of sudden I encountered people who knows deaf people and attempted to sign language with me. I understood their sign language as if it was English Sign Language despite they are Chinese. Well, that's it folks I woke up.
24/08/2017 @ 11:52:44: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
My last car dream was very real and only a little bit crazy.

I dreamt that i was looking through the ingame car list (not the IGCD list) of OMSI 2 and i tried to find this double decker:

But the game always said that it couldnt find the textures, like i didnt install them. In the vehicle preview it showed me a boat ( :heink: ) instead with the seating and the colors of an older BVG bus. It looked like a replacement model for files the game couldnt find.

While i was looking through the list i also saw a first generation Citroen Jumper as a playable vehicle and a MAN / B├╝ssing E2H in BVG colors too. (Both vehicles that are not in the game).
04/11/2017 @ 01:58:23: Baube: Weird car-related dreams
weird dream .. i was in my street and there was some landscaper doing some work in front of a house ( or was it some city employees, i don't remember ) and they had the strangest dump truck i ever seen : A Chevrolet Corsica .. instead of the rear part it had one of a kind dumpster fitting the Corsica's dimensions..
06/11/2017 @ 23:54:06: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
In my last car-related dream i can remember i watched a race on television again. Dreaming of watching television is so weird!

I saw a group of NASCAR driving through a banked corner, one car was a black Chevrolet SS, with the Sponsor Minecraft written in white letters on it.

Then they showed a Ford Fiesta ST Rallycross upside down in the gravel pit of the Road Course section of the same track. They interviewed the driver and he just said "Why are we even racing if its just about crashing?"
07/11/2017 @ 01:10:27: chicomarx: Weird car-related dreams
I am by the street watching Chinese soldier teaching us about the hairstyle required by their government. I realized that my hairstyle doesn't conform their requirement. I tried to fix the best I could

That sounds like your unconscious mind was saying you don't conform to societal norms and you're trying to fit in and adapt. I'm not Carl Jung however.
10/12/2017 @ 13:05:48: Gamer: Weird car-related dreams
I think last night I dreamed about finding a plate check site for Dubai, but couldn't find a car with a Dubai plate anywhere on the site. :grin:
03/01/2018 @ 11:33:04: Purzel89: Weird car-related dreams
In my last dream i played something that appeared like it was GTA 6.

I was driving my car around the virtual world and looked on the mini map. There were green and blue dots and the game told me that the green dots were hookers and i could pick them up if i want. So i drove to one of the green dots, picked up the hooker and the game told me to drive her to a specific location.

After that i forgot a bit of my dream. The next thing i remember is that i received a second hooker side mission. This time i didnt have to transport a girl but i had to protect a hooker from a group of four assailants. The attackers had red dots on the mini map.

I died during the fight and in a typical GTA manner the camera started to pan out over my virtual dead body. The camera got higher and higher over the map and the map was huge! Definitely bigger as GTA 5. You couldnt see the virtual end of the map despite that the camera was already so high above that the roads were very small.

Maybe thats what i imagine GTA 6 to be. But too bad the dream didnt tell me the name of the city.
27/02/2018 @ 13:49:44: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
Last night, I dreamt that I was watching a clip of modern version Return of the Mad Max. It was showing Brazilian assembled second generation Ford F-350 (Super Duty) for Australia market tow truck with long wheelbase with black finish. It was right hand drive with manual transmission on the left side of the steering column. The tow truck is rolling away on a raised highway that it was looking up. That was it.
31/08/2018 @ 13:17:08: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
Last night, I dreamt that my mother took me to Turkey for my treatment (for reason is unknown). While I was waiting for the treatment, I was looking at the TV show in Turkey on the tablet showing Demolition Derby featuring a black Lamborghini Countach. Among it competitors a clean unmolested 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe with vinyl rooftop, next up some beat-up 1973 Pontiac Grand Am with Endura nose, and finally more beat-up of 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix. That was it.
23/09/2018 @ 01:18:33: Reg1992: Weird car-related dreams
Did the '68 Chevy win? :grin:
24/09/2018 @ 13:36:45: rjluna2: Weird car-related dreams
05/03/2019 @ 14:13:14: Baube: Weird car-related dreams
Last night i had a dream. I was the owner of a silver 1975 Chrysler Cordoba . Must be a winter dream because all it did was sitting under the light of my garage ( which i don't have either )