Subject: 1973-1987 GM C/K
02/04/2016 @ 17:11:17: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K
I found some C/K Series trucks missing their model years, here's their links attached with my guess for their model-years.
1973-1980, i know there was 3 or 4 different updates between that years but this is according to their major similar appearance details (rounded body lines):
May be 1975 exactly for this one:
Not sure for the Mexican models
Not sure for this one too
This could be a 1977-1979

i agree with rjluna2 assessment about the model-years:
Not sure for this one

1983-1984 according to grill
Another 83-84?

Military CUCV M-1008? 1981+

I'm feeling GMC here, if not! better to be listed as a GM C-Series by defaut
Feeling another GMC at here

I think these should be better listed as a 1973-1980 GM C-Series or C/K by default?

Medium Duty as an extra-info for these models (1973-87 ?):
02/04/2016 @ 17:12:38: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K model years
Sorry i posted it in the wrong section, need to be moved here:
02/04/2016 @ 19:40:41: antp: 1973-1987 GM C/K model years
Why didn't you rather post comments directly on the site, as usually done for identifications?
02/04/2016 @ 23:13:54: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K model years
There was too much vehicles and most of them were published from years ago, i didn't want to make new comments in order to avoid mixing them with new ones on this section:
I think that would bother both admins & members...
04/04/2016 @ 17:39:41: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K model years

REMINDER; 1973 was the first year DRW (dual rear wheels) was available on pickups, and only GM offered them. Before that, the only light-duty trucks that had them were cab & chassis models.
04/04/2016 @ 23:27:40: eLMeR: 1973-1987 GM C/K
• This last one has just been identified (less than 24 hours ago), so is there really a hurry to link it here?
• CougarTim is apparently already watching the linked page, so as admin he will certainly change the identification when needed;
• Once again, partially wrong information. It doesn't change the 1973 model year for this specific vehicle, but GM pickups with DRW did exist before 1973. See my comment in the page :wink:
04/04/2016 @ 23:37:41: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K
So i think i have to delete my post in order to avoid the misinformation of people?
04/04/2016 @ 23:48:04: eLMeR: 1973-1987 GM C/K
Partially wrong means also partially right :grin:
As long as one stay within the limits of the 1947+ production, Ddey65 assertion is right.

But maybe you should avoid linking too quickly ongoing identification, next time :wink:

Changed "Post-war" into "1947+".
04/04/2016 @ 23:52:29: Raji: 1973-1987 GM C/K
Well noted! thank you :smile:
27/08/2019 @ 14:15:24: Truck_Guy: 1973-1987 GM C/K
I've started to dig into these. The '85-'87 is the easiest for me to identify (and best looking :sol: ) with its updated grille design. The '82 is also easy as it is the only year with the turn signals on the front bumper.

Here are a couple of sites I'm using.

I'm finding a lot of conflicting info on these trucks though, which makes things difficult. :ohwell: