Subject: Luxgen [Taiwan]
03/04/2016 @ 22:36:06: Raji: Luxgen [Taiwan]
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2016 Luxgen 7 MPV
14/11/2022 @ 13:59:15: Parzival49: Luxgen [Taiwan]
@Raji The one you post is 2014–15 Dongfeng-Yulon-Luxgen M7 Turbo (China-spec)

Sedan (TW-spec)
2016-17 MY
2018-20 MY Add two lidars at bottom grille, add two-tone color option

5 Sedan/ S5 Turbo/ S5 Turbo Eco Hyper/ S5 GT/ S5 GT225
2011 Neora Concept,f_auto,g_auto,h_674,q_auto:eco,w_1200/cms/uploads/5MMSefIURAmhuuTiC8If
2012-13 MY 5 Sedan
2013 Luxgen 5 Sedan 1.8 M+ MT version, available in only this year
2014-15 MY S5 Turbo Change to horizontal grille, note the rims' shape are also different
2016–19 MY S5 Turbo Eco Hyper
2019–20 MY S5 GT
2019–20 MY S5 GT 225
14/11/2022 @ 14:33:14: Parzival49: Luxgen [Taiwan]
MPV (TW-spec)

7 MPV/ M7 Turbo/ M7 Turbo Eco Hyper
2009–13 MY 7 MPV
2011 7 MPV Elegance+ Show car at 2011 Taipei motor show
2012 MY 7 MPV EV+ Electric Vehicle
2014–15 MY M7 Turbo
2015–21 MY M7 Turbo Eco Hyper Nothing major change at exterior, only add Eco Hyper badge

2016-21 MY Luxgen V7 Turbo Eco Hyper Wheelchair accessible ver. of M7

2011-13 MY Luxgen 7 CEO
Ultra-luxury ver. of 7 mpv, with partition wall and two Ottoman adjustable seats at rear, also a ROYALOUNGE badge at trunk
16/11/2022 @ 15:16:09: Parzival49: Luxgen [Taiwan]
SUV (TW-Spec)

2017-20 MY
2018 U5 EV+

U6 Turbo/Sports+ / U6 Turbo Eco Hyper/Sports+ / U6 GT/ U6 GT220
2014–15 MY U6 Turbo
2014–15 MY Sports+ Sports+ is one of the trims
2015–17 MY U6 Turbo Eco Hyper Add some chrome trim and Eco Hyper badge at trunk
2015–17 U6 Turbo Eco Hyper sports+
Sports+ is one of the trims, and changes are same as upper
2017–pr. MY U6 GT
2022-pr. MY U6 GT Aero Aero is one of the trims since 2022
2017–21 MY U6 GT220

7 SUV/Sports+ /U7 Turbo/Sports+ /U7 Turbo Eco Hyper
2010–13 MY 7 SUV
2010–13 MY 7 SUV Sports+ Sports+ is one of the trims
2013–15 MY U7 Turbo
2013–15 MY U7 Turbo Sports+ Sports+ is one of the trims
2017–20 MY U7 Turbo Eco Hyper
Note the rims' shape are different, and add Eco Hyper badge at trunk

2020-pr. MY URX
2020-pr. MY URX 5+1
wheelchair accessible ver. of URX, note the rear bumper is slightly different
2021-pr. MY URX 極致紳活版 (Gentleman)
Well, since it doesn't have official English name, and its feature is "Gentleman", perhaps we can just add Gentleman in the extra info
2022-pr. MY URX Wildfun just another trim since 2022

2023 MY still a concept/ prototype for now
08/12/2022 @ 18:39:21: Parzival49: Luxgen [Taiwan]
Chassis code

L91 7 MPV/ EV+/ 7 CEO
L92 M7 Turbo/ M7 Turbo Eco Hyper

G91 7 SUV/ EV+
G92 U7 Turbo/ U7 Turbo Eco Hyper

H61 All the U5 series

C71 U6 Turbo/ U6 Turbo Eco Hyper

L71 All the URX series

S61 S3/ S3 EV+

S71 5 Sedan/ S5 Turbo/ S5 Turbo Eco Hyper/ S5 GT/ S5 GT220
04/05/2023 @ 18:28:16: Parzival49: Luxgen [Taiwan]
Since I've got trouble again on the error of modify messages, so I put new info here

The model year of pre-facelift URX ended at 2022
And the chassis code of facelift model stay the same [L71]

2023-pr. URX NEO
Facelift ver. of URX
Redesign front bumper, and replaced the chrome trim with red line under rear LUXGEN badge
New rims and pink color