Subject: 1980-89 Buick Estate Wagons
17/09/2017 @ 07:14:42: Reg1992: 1980-89 Buick Estate Wagons
I recently learned that we ID 1980-89 Buick Estate Wagons as either LeSabre Estate Wagons or Electra Estate Wagons. So will the 1980-89 entries be corrected, or do we leave it simply as Buick Estate Wagon when it can't be narrowed down to either LeSabre/Electra (kind of like how Chevrolet/GMC Suburbans are labeled as "GM Suburban" by default if cannot be positively identified)?
17/09/2017 @ 09:28:02: antp: 1980-89 Buick Estate Wagons
If they can be identified as one or the other name, that has to be done one by one.
For the others indeed I guess we can leave them as just Estate Wagon.