Subject: Site/Ad Issues
26/09/2018 @ 18:44:37: antp: Site/Ad Issues
Strange; I'll report that
Does it happen on all ads or just with that one?
26/09/2018 @ 19:37:56: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
It happens in different ads. But, it is the same site that keeps asking for tag (download). I'll let you know if this stop doing that.
26/09/2018 @ 21:23:50: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
I've getting that too. Mine says "Do you want to open or save tag5GM2DAJ6.js from" Tag numbers change, but it shows up on every page but no ads do (in the normal boxes)
27/09/2018 @ 04:32:20: Ddey65: Site/Ad Issues
Oh, so this isn't just happening with me.

I've tried to look up ways to get rid of it, and I've been getting ads disguised as technical advice, and even those that are genuine technical advice isn't working for me. In other words, the instructions they're giving me don't do what they say they're going to do.
27/09/2018 @ 14:50:57: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
Seems that this does not affect to Waterfox browser. I haven't test it out with IE11 32-Bit yet.
27/09/2018 @ 18:17:01: antp: Site/Ad Issues
The question is: does it come from the ad or do you have something already on your computer that "interacts" with the ads?
cf what one can find when searching on that domain name:
(Though that I'm not sure the links for downloading removal tools on these sites are safe, I'd rather check for the manual methods explained in these articles :D)
27/09/2018 @ 23:02:12: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
I'll try to figure it out with the browser setting for the Microsoft Edge that had happened. I'll follow that up.
27/09/2018 @ 23:40:58: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
It definitely something the ad server is doing. I tried looking for in my files and nothing was there. I added the site to my restricted sites and now a security warning pops up "Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded". It's happening when I'm on IE11, but didn't happen when on Chrome. I haven't tried Edge or Firefox yet.
28/09/2018 @ 02:00:25: Ddey65: Site/Ad Issues
I'm with night club on this. This afternoon I went to a library and checked it out on one of the computers there and saw the same adware. I have IE 10 (as far as I know), but the library has numerous browsers.

I should add "" as a restricted site too. I only hope it doesn't prevent me from seeing IMCDb in general, though.
28/09/2018 @ 02:02:54: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
It's more annoying as a restricted site than it was before
28/09/2018 @ 08:25:50: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I don't think you're supposed to find a file with that name in case there is something installed locally.
You can try to scan the computer with
As far as I know, products from that company are safe and well known
28/09/2018 @ 23:01:51: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
When I inspect the element, it came up with two different lines:

<script src="// EFZUw&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwMjU2MDc=REFZUw&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwMjU2MzY=REFZUw&- btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwOTc4MDM=REFZUw&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwOTQyODU=VVNFUg&btpdb.- 0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwMjU2NDk=VVNFUg&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYzNjEzMTg=UkVRVUVTVFMuMjc4&bt- pdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwOTc3OTU=REFZUw&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwMjU2Mjg=REFZUw&btpdb.0M- 6ZVb2.dGZjLjY2OTQ3NDY=SE9VUlM&btpdb.0M6ZVb2.dGZjLjYwOTQyOTk=U0VTU0lPTg" type="text/javascript"></script>

<iframe width="1" height="1" id="_rlcdn" src="//" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; border-image: none; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden;" margin="0" padding="0"></iframe>
04/12/2018 @ 14:40:56: Gag Halfrunt: Site/Ad Issues
The browser hijack ads are back. I don't know which ad is the culprit (it always happens after I scroll down) but it redirected the browser to 13344&ext=1&rank=0&ad=eyJ0aXRsZSI6Ikxvc3AtVUsiLCJ1cmwiOiJMb3NwLVVLIn0%3D
04/12/2018 @ 17:23:13: antp: Site/Ad Issues
Thanks, I'll report that
In case they ask, on which device & browser do you have these problems?
Can you send me your IP address via private message? (as the forum does not seem to be able to detect it :confused: )
You can go on a site like see it
03/01/2019 @ 04:06:56: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
I'm being told that the forum site is insecure and getting this message:

03/01/2019 @ 09:55:15: antp: Site/Ad Issues
Indeed; I'll notify the manager of the forum server
04/04/2019 @ 16:13:28: Exiv96: Site/Ad Issues
I'm getting strange ads on imcdb, these days.

(In French) "Is climate important for you ? Give your opinion to win a supermarket coupon"

The graphics look dodgy, the company's name is visible, it's called Toleadoo, and it has a lot of bad reviews (most of them in Danish).

Edit : these ads are now all the time here, with various subjects (fuel taxes, Brexit) as click-bait. Seems like a phishing scam. Does anyone sees these ads too ?
05/04/2019 @ 09:06:13: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I see these too (as we're in the same country, that may be logical) and indeed they look like cheap old ads.
But they're not really annoying outside of that.
19/05/2019 @ 22:42:38: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
I'm getting annoying audio playback from some kind of ad that I found in inspect element. I'm not sure if this site runs video/audio playback without control. It tends to freezes up. I'm running Internet Explorer 11 32-bit with latest java plugin.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
21/05/2019 @ 02:24:14: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
The text from my last message, I was able to flush the toilet on the temporary Internet Explorer setting. It no longer makes audio playback, but occasionally creating a long script message when I attempt to gain control of the page.

Please see attached to this message containing a blank ad here: