Subject: Site/Ad Issues
31/07/2020 @ 15:54:56: karoomay: Site/Ad Issues
The same has been happening to me from my end.
31/07/2020 @ 16:01:53: antp: Site/Ad Issues
:ohwell: The server does not seem to heavily loaded though.
Usually when it happens it is because there are bots crawling the comments page.
edit: right now I see from the logs that both Bing & Google are on it :kiki:
and these ones too:
Maybe that's a little too many bots
31/07/2020 @ 20:06:54: karoomay: Site/Ad Issues
Why are there so many bots lurking there? Are they trying to spy on us? :tongue:
31/07/2020 @ 22:00:01: Baube: Site/Ad Issues
since we're a car-related website... Autobots ? :whistle:
01/08/2020 @ 22:19:54: dhill_cb7: Site/Ad Issues
Thought this thread was only for ad issues. Oops can you please delete the thread i just created.

I am having a lot of unresponsive/loading issues with the site lately.

Tried on my ipad/iphone/computer. Tried switching houses and it is still the same.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
02/08/2020 @ 10:36:52: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I guess it depends on the time too. Right now (morning in Europe it works well) but yesterday in the evening it seemed slow.
I don't know if it is a temporary high traffic due to bots crawling/indexing the site, or if the database becomes a little too big to deliver correct performance. The site was not designed optimally at first, especially not counting the fact that there could be hundreds of thousands of vehicles listed.
16/08/2020 @ 02:51:37: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Pages taking forever to load again.

Just timed it, and it was just over 3 minutes to load the All Comments page.
16/08/2020 @ 22:55:22: chicomarx: Site/Ad Issues
It may depend on the number of people browsing. An "x number of people active" feature would be useful.
Can you share some visitor stats antp?
17/08/2020 @ 13:54:20: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I don't really have such info, it is not built-in the site, I should try to extract that from Google Analytics when I've some time... but I don't know when it will be.
17/08/2020 @ 20:30:32: walter.: Site/Ad Issues
The site seems to be down now...
17/08/2020 @ 20:35:32: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Yep, for me too. Nightmare trying to validate/edit things.
21/08/2020 @ 20:29:44: walter.: Site/Ad Issues
Veeery slow, again... Hard life for admins.
21/08/2020 @ 22:24:35: Baube: Site/Ad Issues
Feels like Speedy Gonzales cousin here too...
22/08/2020 @ 00:27:39: Sandie: Site/Ad Issues
Yeah, things are not moving quickly here.
22/08/2020 @ 03:44:04: dhill_cb7: Site/Ad Issues
Verrrrry slow in USA too.