Subject: Infiltration?
11/05/2019 @ 13:02:48: johnfromstaffs: Infiltration?
Something called eu dot pe attractions has opened up while I was onsite. (I have not written it as it appeared). The only way to get rid of it was to open the first screen, and then lose the webpage, I had even tried resetting my iPad but it immediately came back. I gave it none of the data it wanted, but what did it extract without my knowledge?

Just thought you ought to know.

11/05/2019 @ 16:09:04: johnfromstaffs: Infiltration?
And it’s just happened again!
12/05/2019 @ 10:28:58: antp: Infiltration?
May be due to a bad ad on the site, or there is some malware installed in the browser of the ipad (Safari or Chrome?)
For the first case, if you can provide the address of the page from which you ad the problem and the address of the new page it opened, I can report it.
For the second case, check the add-ons/extensions/plugins of the browser to see if there is something unknown listed there.
It is weird that people having problems like that on the site are mostly ipad users :figti:
Either a lot of ipads are infected with malware, or bad ads target these rather than others?
12/05/2019 @ 13:33:39: johnfromstaffs: Infiltration?
Sorry, Antoine, I don’t have the page information you would need. The iPad is quite old, one of the first iPad Airs, but I update the software whenever I get a prompt, the browser is Safari. I’m afraid if it doesn’t use punched cards I don’t have a clue,

Cheers John
21/05/2019 @ 07:52:16: carolinaclassics: Infiltration?
-- spam
21/05/2019 @ 08:58:13: johnfromstaffs: Infiltration?
Is this idiot infiltrating the forum?
Anyone who knows of me understands that I need Ford truck parts like I need a dose of syrup of figs.
21/05/2019 @ 09:19:29: antp: Infiltration?
Just classic spam
21/05/2019 @ 11:31:21: johnfromstaffs: Infiltration?
Thanks, Antoine.