Subject: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
06/06/2019 @ 01:14:31: Baube: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
Even if they were required to have a 3rd stop light for 1994, some pick-up/SUV/vans did had them before that year. Here is the list that i remember, anyone who finds one that is not on the list is welcomed to add it

Ford Econoline-1992
Ford Explorer-1991
Toyota Previa-1992
Chrysler minivans-1991
Nissan Pathfinder-1993
Isuzu Rodeo-1993
Isuzu Trooper-1993
Ford Ranger-1993
Mercury Villager-1993
Nissan Quest-1993
06/06/2019 @ 13:33:15: rjluna2: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
Ford Bronco - 1992.
19/06/2022 @ 16:52:12: Baube: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
Mitsubishi Montero -1992
Quote From: dhill_cb7
I know here in the states the CHSML was standard in the 1992 MY 2nd generation. 2 years before being federally mandated on SUVs & trucks.
17/11/2022 @ 20:38:48: dhill_cb7: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
Nissan Axxess - 1990 per's listed brochures.
20/11/2023 @ 18:20:01: Baube: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
looks like the Land Rover Range Rover had a CHMSL as soon as 1989

I won't list everything i found about pre-1994 ones having it but i think its just too much for being an owner add-on.. or they all had the same idea..
Thanks to karkidbut for finding this
21/11/2023 @ 12:04:56: MisterZ: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
Here in Australia the LandCruiser (J80) had it from late 1992 - I'm assuming US is the same. The J70 series LandCruiser also had from the same date but only on the RV trim (uncommon).
22/11/2023 @ 08:32:20: Baube: Pre-1994 CHMSL for pick-up/SUV/vans
found some 1993 with it, 1992 without so i guess late 1992 means 1993 in US ( this gen was not sold in Canada , unless you wanted to pay 20,000 $ more for a Lexus.. )