Subject: 2006-12 Chevrolet Impala identification
07/06/2019 @ 21:18:26: Terra: 2006-12 Chevrolet Impala identification
Since we have a massive amount of 2006-12 Impala's, I found some information that would make identifying them more useful.

For 2006-09, there was an Impala badge on the c-pillar that was later removed for the 2010 model year.
2006 -
2010 -

For 2007, the FlexFuel badge was added to the rear trunk (as pointed out by rjluna)

This applied to all trim levels.

2012-13 had it's own distinct grille. (chrome)
2006-11 grille -

Also, 2012-13 didn't have a chrome strip on the trunk compared to 2006-11.
(2006-11) -
08/06/2019 @ 04:55:08: Baube: 2006-12 Chevrolet Impala identification
nice, i knew for the chrome strip and the C-pillar badge but not the grille :smile:
09/06/2019 @ 02:39:12: Terra: 2006-12 Chevrolet Impala identification
The grille is not the easiest detail to find but it's a noteworthy one.