Subject: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
12/08/2019 @ 03:17:52: PDXDave: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
There was a short lived series in (I believe ) early 80’s about a bunch of Southern California surfer kids who also fought crime. There was a vehicle that featured fairly regularly that they referred to as “The Thing” it was not a VW Thibg, but something built. It was huge and very off roady.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I’ve been all over IMDB and this site trying to jog my memory with no luck at all.

12/08/2019 @ 03:28:31: night cub: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
It wasn't Riptide, was it?
12/08/2019 @ 03:47:34: PDXDave: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
Nope. I remember Riptide fairly well.... the show I’m thinking of was all younger people, not Vietnam vets with a helicopter.
It might have only gone a few episodes past the pilot.
12/08/2019 @ 22:23:56: kegare: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
California Fever?

I think this might be the vehicle you are talking about:

Just made a page for it:
Edit: And I just noticed this is the same crazy vehicle that showed up in a recent movie:
13/08/2019 @ 00:16:51: PDXDave: Early 80’s crime fighting surfers...
I think that’s as close as I’ve seen, though “Grossmobile” doesn’t ring a bell, and “The Thing” was bigger and enclosed (I think)
I’m basing this on some pretty old memories, of a show that didn’t last very long. The actors seem the right age in this one, and the setting is right on the money, as the timing. I feel like it was late 70’s to early 80’s and this is right there.
I’m probably gonna have to say this is the one, barring anything better popping up.
That’s some pretty damn good sleuthing on your part! I spent the batter part of three hours chasing this one and finally posted here.
Nice work!