Subject: Searching for movie name
05/09/2019 @ 21:16:51: Klec: Searching for movie name
Hi, folks ! I've been searching for movie's name.Year of relase from end of 80's to early 90's
It's about a villain, who make crashes on purpose with other vehicles.
He drives something like Chevy AStro,Chevrolet Chevy ... don't remember exacly.
On the rims are seeing blades or spikes, for blowing others cars tyres.
The good guy its driving a pickup,who made it like tow truck near end of movie,to chase the villain.Reminds me of Highwaymen from 2003 but much worst like budget and making.

Sorry for the bad English :boidleau: The movie by itself it isin't very popular and its too dificult to find on internet.
Greeting from Bulgaria !
06/09/2019 @ 14:42:01: Klec: Searching for movie name
I found the movie.The name is " The Gladiator " from 1986.I must forgotten many details about the movie, because i've watch it for first and last time before 15-18 years.
22/10/2019 @ 09:18:19: mondel: Searching for movie name
I dig the Dodge Charger in that movie.