Subject: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
06/11/2019 @ 17:07:00: MisterZ: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
On the site, we have i10s listed as both superminis and hatchbacks, and some are listed as origin Korea, others as origin India.

The vast majority are listed as Korean origin, supermini category, which I think is correct. However, 11 are listed as hatchbacks and not superminis: 2&make=Hyundai&modelMatch=1&model=i10&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=on&mk=&class10=- 10&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

As well as this, 7 are listed as being Indian origin, not Korean: 2&make=Hyundai&modelMatch=1&model=i10&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=on&mk=&origin=- IN&madein=&madefor=&role=

The same problem also affects the Grand i10 as well (which is the same car by another name): 2&make=Hyundai&modelMatch=1&model=Grand+i10&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=o- n&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=&role=

As well as the City Taxi Plus: City+Taxi+Plus

We can see many inconsistencies on these lists too.

This should be fixed up.
11/11/2019 @ 08:47:52: MisterZ: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
Hello? antp?
11/11/2019 @ 14:21:14: antp: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
12/11/2019 @ 08:06:46: MisterZ: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
Thank you.
22/11/2019 @ 02:16:59: kegare: Hyundai i10 inconsistencies
I don't agree with South Korea as the model origin since it was never developed or sold there.

The i10 origin suggestion was done just 3 months ago here: