Subject: 2020 Supra Identification
01/02/2020 @ 20:12:38: hachirokutrueno: 2020 Supra Identification
So I just want to clear some things up regarding the name of the 2020 Toyota Supra on IMCDb before anyone makes any drastic changes to any J29 Supra entries on the site.

In North America (USA and Canada), the car is sold as the GR Supra. Everywhere else in the world, it is marketed simply as the Supra.
01/02/2020 @ 20:19:56: Sandie: 2020 Supra Identification
It's GR Supra in the UK as well.
01/02/2020 @ 22:13:42: hachirokutrueno: 2020 Supra Identification
It's GR Supra in the UK as well.

09/02/2020 @ 04:05:15: Exiv96: 2020 Supra Identification
It's very confusing. Toyota Belgium mixes Supra and GR Supra in its webpage.

While Toyota Germany mentions "Supra GR Supra" as if "GR Supra" was a trim level.
13/02/2020 @ 00:33:44: dsl: 2020 Supra Identification
I think GR means (developed by) Gazoo Racing, which wins this month's Silly Name award.
05/05/2020 @ 15:19:53: Exiv96: 2020 Supra Identification
More complexity about the Supra, this time with its chassis code.

First there was J29, which was assigned during its development. Probably by BMW as the Z4 is coded G29. Then Toyota started to talk about the A90 Supra, in reference to the previous A60, A70 & A80 generations.

And now we have the DB codes. The problem is, there are already many of them. Every engine variation and every steering wheel location mean a different DB code.

Here's a list I've compiled.

DB02 / B58H / 3.0 turbo / RHD, Japan
DB03 / B58H / 3.0 turbo / LHD, North America
DB21 / B48H / 2.0 turbo / LHD, Europe
DB22 / B48H / 2.0 turbo / RHD, Europe, Japan
DB23 / B48H / 2.0 turbo / LHD, North America
DB41 / B58 / 3.0 turbo / LHD, Europe
DB42 / B58 / 3.0 turbo / RHD, Europe
DB43 / B58 / 3.0 turbo / LHD, North America
DB81 / B48L / 2.0 turbo / LHD, Europe
DB82 / B48L / 2.0 turbo / RHD, Europe, Japan

Will we be able to tell what exact version each entry will be ?