Subject: Deputy (tv series) 2020
24/03/2020 @ 05:05:25: Lzsavage: Deputy (tv series) 2020
I know it’s probably a silly question to most.
What is the car in the Deputy TV Series that the Deputy’s wife, Dr Paula Reyes drives?
I don’t remember seeing it from the exterior.


24/03/2020 @ 18:56:00: JohnnyK: Deputy (tv series) 2020
I don't think I found it yet... What does the character look like first? I'm not REALLY focused on the characters that drive some of the vehicles seen in the show.\
I mean, I know Sheriff Hollister drives a 1979 Ford Bronco.
24/03/2020 @ 20:16:29: Lzsavage: Deputy (tv series) 2020
Yes, he does. Dr Paula Reyes is his wife. One of the last episodes, she was driving with their daughter. I don’t remember seeing the exterior of the car. The interior was very nice, light tan colored leather seats. Probably, some sort of SUV. I couldn’t tell the make/model. I was curious do see what kind of car it was.

24/03/2020 @ 22:31:26: JohnnyK: Deputy (tv series) 2020
I found it, and indeed there weren't any good exterior shots of it, the closest I could get to a good exterior shot of it was when the camera was showing it around the a-pillar of the car (the grille of course wasn't shown). It was exactly how you described it.
24/03/2020 @ 22:40:21: Lzsavage: Deputy (tv series) 2020
You couldn’t see anything either? Can you tell by the interior?
It seems like they were trying to keep it from being seen.
In the episode, I actually thought their car was going to get t-boned or something. Lol!
The interior caught my eye.

24/03/2020 @ 22:45:53: JohnnyK: Deputy (tv series) 2020
By the way, I thought it was a Land-Rover Range Rover or something like that. My entry for it has been validated and now, to wait for the real answer.
24/03/2020 @ 23:47:23: Lzsavage: Deputy (tv series) 2020
24/03/2020 @ 23:48:46: Lzsavage: Deputy (tv series) 2020
Be interested to find out.