Subject: What's That Car?
19/05/2020 @ 23:57:08: John1: What's That Car?
I had seen this car in several movies,& tv shows.Unfortunately I can't remember the names of those shows/movies.

This car appeared in several shows/movies back in 1990s.
It looks like a relatively long,low to the ground,silver sports car.It has only two front seats.The back is flat,& attached to the back is a trailer.
The trailer is also silver in color,& was used as a mobile science/research lab.

Does anybody have any idea what car I'm talking about?
20/05/2020 @ 20:33:07: Sandie: What's That Car?
Maybe it's this thing? Your post rang a bell, and I think it's this this I was thinking about: ?
20/05/2020 @ 21:27:54: John1: What's That Car?
Hello Sandie.
Yes,yes it is.
I was thinking of a slightly different model that didn't have that black top.(Maybe they just modified it a bit for some movie/show.)
Still,without a doubt it's the one I was thinking about.