Subject: 'Concept Cars', Non-fiction TV, GB 2002-04
18/06/2020 @ 18:26:20: Mystery Man: 'Concept Cars', Non-fiction TV, GB 2002-04
Some months (or meanwhile even years) ago I found an interesting series on the YouTube channel of the British TV channel 'Men and Motors', simply called 'Concept Cars'. I actually want to ask last year, but finally in quarantine ordered by the local health department I could make time for it. That series features many concept cars that aren't on the site yet, e.g. the nice Lancia Dialogos.
I would add it without an own thread here, but I can't find any info page on the internet, so I think it needs a confirmation as exception - if OK to add - by some admins other members.
- car related
- new, nice + rare cars
- I could complete all 19 episodes in the next days
- similar stuff already on the site (not same cars, but concept cars)

- unknown series
- no informations...

So before anyone can complain, I ask here. :clindoeil:
Would be nice if it will be approved in the next days. :bave:
19/06/2020 @ 23:40:59: Sandie: 'Concept Cars', Non-fiction TV, GB 2002-04
There's a lot of very interesting things on that YouTube channel, the problem is that there is a tendancy to be quite reluctant to accept car related shows.

All of the archive series like that on the YouTube channel are originally from the Men and Motors TV channel which was a satellite/cable TV station that was made up of programming about cars and "adult" programming and later on archive ITV dramas like Boon. It wasn't one of the main channels but was a relatively popular cable channel.

For me personally it is infinitely more interesting than things like bad drawings and hundreds of identikit WW2 documentaries, but I think normatively it's not something we'd accept.