Subject: Martial Law (1998-2000 TV Series) [No pics]
20/07/2020 @ 23:38:28: Ddey65: Martial Law (1998-2000 TV Series) [No pics]
Does anybody remember that short-lived turn of the millennium action TV series "Martial Law" starring Sammo Hung?

There was one episode where Hung's character moves a tandem tractor trailer whose cargo was supposed to be evidence. The trailer looks like it was 26, 27 1/2 or 28 feet long. I actually asked somebody watching the show who I thought might know for sure, but they didn't.

I'm not going to load up any images of the series, but I just thought I'd throw this title here just in case anyone else wants to.
04/08/2020 @ 04:47:59: JB007: Martial Law (1998-2000 TV Series) [No pics]
I begin the series. :clindoeil: