Subject: US origin / made for CDN tag
03/09/2020 @ 07:37:17: Baube: US origin / made for CDN tag
It was decided some time ago that DRL were not a valid point for the use of the Made for CDN tag . Same was also decided for cars with US origin as they are pretty much identical in Canada that they are in US . However, some names or trims still change from one side of the border to the other thanks to some manufacturers who just can't keep things simple.. :whistle:

i thought we could make a list of those cars here ( in case it could be somehow a good idea ) .. everyone is free to add too

1993-2005 Chrysler Intrepid
2020 RAM 1500 Sport
2003-2005 Chevrolet Cavalier as our trims here were VL/VLX/Z24 opposed to base/LS/LS Sport
1987-1993 Chrysler Daytona
1988-1993 Chrysler Dynasty
2021 Chrysler Grand Caravan ( yes, after 33 years i did wrote Dodge at first.. :whistle: )

1976-1987 Pontiac Acadian

probably more to follow in the next days

2005-2009 Buick Allure
04/09/2020 @ 14:13:37: rjluna2: US origin / made for CDN tag
I supposed that these Buick LaCrosse are not sold in Canadian market. They have different name due to the vulgar word from French Canadian.