Subject: Ambulances and Fire Engine
13/09/2020 @ 09:24:03: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
I'm trying to identify the following three vehicles from a 1984 episode of "Falcon Crest":

Ambulance # 1:
13/09/2020 @ 09:25:03: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
Ambulance # 2:
13/09/2020 @ 09:25:31: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
Fire Engine:
06/10/2020 @ 02:09:20: Rusty Shackleford: Ambulances and Fire Engine
The tanker in the 1st picture is a Kenworth C500, unsure of year but 1980s due to square headlights. Ambulance in second picture is a 1975-1978 Dodge Van, the fire truck in the last picture is an 81-88 Chevy/GMC.
06/10/2020 @ 07:40:22: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
Thank you so much!
06/10/2020 @ 15:40:36: Rusty Shackleford: Ambulances and Fire Engine
The car in the middle picture is a 71-73 Buick Lesabre.
06/10/2020 @ 18:47:44: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
I think the Buick LeSabre was one of the "standard" picture cars The Burbank Studios (now Warner Bros.) used as background cars during that era. Thanks for identifying.

Any thoughts on the ambulance in the first picture?
I was thinking of a customized Ford Club Wagon or a customized 1983 Ford Econoline 350, but I'm not sure. I'm trying it with another angle that shows the whole ambulance here:
07/10/2020 @ 14:15:07: rjluna2: Ambulances and Fire Engine
I'm not sure, but surly looks like GM based G-Series to me :think:
07/10/2020 @ 16:34:59: Rusty Shackleford: Ambulances and Fire Engine
That's a Chevy/GMC Van
07/10/2020 @ 16:35:35: TJP: Ambulances and Fire Engine
rjluna2 -- you might be correct. Do you know if there's a way to determine whether it's a Chevrolet G-Series or a GMC G-Series?
08/10/2020 @ 14:24:31: rjluna2: Ambulances and Fire Engine
Based on this picture you provided here, it is too far away to determine which marquee this is. Script and grille style are usually stand difference between Chevrolet and GMC.