Subject: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
22/09/2020 @ 21:30:42: dhill_cb7: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
Hello everyone,

It has come up a few times lately that Honda utilized two codes for certain markets. Do we have a list of default codes to use?
For instance 1995-1997 US use [CD5] for 4 cylinder and [CE6] is V6 sedans.

Maybe a sticky could be set up for default codes so other members know OK for Europe we use [XX] and US we use [YY]?

I know the current direction is to use the more “popular” code to default. However, the database is a mess with models all over.

I presented an idea to use both default codes like [CD/CE] if we couldn’t tell the motor. I was shot down as that could confuse people. Personally, it seemed better than defaulting because who arbitrarily determines the default code? How do we know that code sold better than the other code?

A great example is Brazil. Flex motors debuted in mid-late 2000s for Honda. They carry different codes. Without visual differences why do we default at the gasloline code for Brazil of [GD] ? Majority of Brazil models were [GE] flex motors.

If we opt to stay on the current “default” path can someone make a list of the “default” codes so the community knows or can we slowly implement [XX/YY]? I have not found any Honda that could be 3 codes.

Unless there were some Honda models with a Diesel, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, and Hybrid....then codes would not work.

Any thoughts or input?
25/09/2020 @ 09:43:18: antp: Chassis Code Dilemma
That would be a discussion in which Exiv96 should be involved :smile:
(I took the liberty of adding "Honda" in your title, to increase the chances for him to see this thread :D)
25/09/2020 @ 19:08:12: dhill_cb7: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
Thanks Antp. I will compile a list of what I know. Then publish it and hope, as a community, we can agree or at least get a default code list for each market/generation.
12/10/2020 @ 16:24:54: Exiv96: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
I've finally seen this thread. :smile:

I'm quite against the idea of putting pairs of possible chassis codes for Hondas. It wouldn't simplify things, and in the case of fourth gen. Civics, for instance, we'd have to put, not a pair, but a quartet of codes, since they include EC, ED, EE and EF.

And I must say I've been compiling a list of Honda codes, just as I've done with Mitsubishi. I've started with that blog post dhill_cb7 probably knows, but which is quite US & JDM-centric, and have added some more.

I can post it today or tomorrow, but the problem is formatting. It's a text fiile with tabulations, and they'd be lost once posted in the forum. I'll probably have to post it in installments.
12/10/2020 @ 17:08:31: 48bux: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
I'm interested, too :smile: I've compiled a small list for now only about mid 90s models since I based it on a yearbook about all cars sold in Italy in 1995 with technical specs and I used the list you are referring to as a reference. Indeed I noticed some missing codes on that list about EU models, and I was looking for them, but maybe you already found them :wink: if you want I can copy my list here.
13/10/2020 @ 07:38:53: antp: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma

I can post it today or tomorrow, but the problem is formatting. It's a text fiile with tabulations, and they'd be lost once posted in the forum.

if you use the "code" tag it seems to keep tabulations:

test col1
a col2
123 col3
16/10/2020 @ 17:17:59: Exiv96: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
That's witchcraft ! :eek:

Let me try.

Accord (IV)

Accord (4-door) (Japan : 09/1989 > 04/1993)

CB1 1.8 F18A J, EU
CB2 1.8 4WS F18A J
CB3 2.0 F20A J, EU
CB4 2.0 4WS F20A J
CB7 2.2 F22A J, EU, NA

Wow ! It even keeps bold characters !
17/10/2020 @ 19:55:57: dhill_cb7: Honda Chassis Code Dilemma
That would be amazing to have Exiv96! A default code is most certainly agreeable. However, I guess we may need possible common knowledge of each market.

By the way we can add Brazil to your list. If you need help I can pitch in. It covers all Honda brands sold there from 1992-present.