Subject: Let Him Go (2020) Truck
27/11/2020 @ 08:58:27: metal321: Let Him Go (2020) Truck
I was wondering if anyone else saw the
movie Let Him Go and could ID a truck
from the movie. It had a typical 50's
shade of blue or green paint job and
the front looked odd to me. It looked
like a truck with a missing a grill.
It was probably in the movie for less
than a minute but it would still have
been hard to miss. I guess the best
description of the color might be
seafoam green.
30/11/2020 @ 18:32:52: chicomarx: Let Him Go (2020) Truck
This one on the right?
Couldn't find a better pic.
01/12/2020 @ 00:33:23: metal321: Let Him Go (2020) Truck
Yeah, that's the one.