Subject: Cutting Room Floor Question
04/12/2020 @ 02:21:57: Philip Marlow: Cutting Room Floor Question
Hello. First time here on this forum. A couple of my vehicles have been used as pictures cars. My 48 Dodge club coupe in Carol, A Kind of Murder and Miles Ahead all on location in Cincinnati, Ohio. My 41 Chrysler Windsor Sedan was used in The Public Eye in 1992 also shot in Cincy, but it never made the final cut. My question, is there anyplace to see deleted or cut scenes? Thanks
04/12/2020 @ 07:30:38: night cub: Cutting Room Floor Question
We do include deleted scenes if they are on the DVD as an extra feature.

If you have still from the set, you can always add them to the comments of the movie page.

We do have a Chrysler Windsor listed in The Public Eye. Is that not yours?
05/12/2020 @ 03:47:20: Philip Marlow: Cutting Room Floor Question
No not mine 41 Chrysler.