Subject: Mexican Bus Identifications
03/02/2021 @ 21:49:33: JB007: Mexican Bus Identifications
Hi everyone, I found these links that can help for Mexican bus identifications.

For this one, the advantage is that a referencing is done by Constructor or Bodybuilder in the left column.

I have already commented on some of the changes.

For those:

I am taken as reference this one.

But the brand does not seem to be "Alfa 30-30" but only "Alfa".

"30-30" seems to be the model, but I’m not sure.
03/02/2021 @ 23:04:36: JB007: Mexican Bus Identifications
Besides, "Havre" is not a manufacturer.
According to this link, "Havre" seems to be a model of the manufacturer "Eurocar".

But in it’s links, the term "Havre" seems to be a nickname

The term "Havrecito" is even sometimes used. 659/?type=3&source=57&__tn__=EH-R